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iu Basketball, the Canadian basketball program, is the hottest recruiting class in Canadian history.

It ranks seventh in the nation with a record of 19-1 and boasts a record 11 players from across the country.

I’m looking forward to the 2017-18 season and looking forward a strong start to the next decade of recruiting for the University of Guelph football program.

The University of Ottawa was the last school to make the trip to Toronto for a recruitment event, and while they still haven’t played in a game, the Bulldogs are now a part of the city.

Canada is in the middle of a recruiting frenzy, and for the 2017 recruiting class, the university is the No. 1 priority.

Last year, the University Of Guelpgh led the way with a 12-1 record and two BCS wins.

The Bulldogs have the nation’s best record, but the Bulldogs also have a top-ranked recruiting class with three of the top 10 players on the 2019 class.

For a while now, I’ve been a fan of the University’s program.

I think they have the best facilities in the country and they’ve always had some good players.

They’re still young and hungry, and they’re a tough program to beat.

They have a lot of good talent, so they’re going to be a tough out in recruiting next year.

With the recruiting class coming in, the 2017 edition of the Bulldogs is expected to be more successful than ever.