How to get a Michigan football recruit to visit your town

Michigan football has a new mascot, and he’s the latest to get attention.

The state of Michigan announced on Tuesday that the Badgers will be adopting a mascot from the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, named Kalam.

According to a press release from the Michigan State University, Kalam is a green-skinned, black-and-red-bearded bull that resembles a bull in a tuxedo.

The mascot is a tribute to the Spartans’ historic history as an underdog.

Michigan State said Kalam will be featured in football games on a “mascot basis” beginning with the 2015 season, which is in 2020.

The university also announced plans to expand the mascot’s range to include the Michigan football team, which currently has one mascot.

Michigan’s basketball team is expected to use Kalam’s name.