How to know when to sign up for a school in Louisville, Kentucky

As you might expect, recruiting rankings are based on multiple factors, such as the top four schools in each conference, and the average ranking of the five schools in that conference.

But how should you take into account the other factors that are important when considering a school’s ranking?

Here’s what you need to know.1.

Who are the five top-ranked programs in the ACC?1.1 What is a ‘Top 5’?2.

What is the difference between the ACC and the Big Ten?3.

How do the rankings differ between the Big 12, SEC and Pac-12?4.

How many schools are in each of the conferences?5.

Which conference schools are ranked the most in the Big East?1 | The five top ranked programs in ACCThe ACC ranks No. 1 in most of the major recruiting metrics.

According to ESPN, the ACC has four schools with five top prospects: Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke and Virginia.2 | The Five Highest-Ranking Schools in the College Football Playoff: ACC, Big Ten, SEC, Pac-10.3 | How many ACC schools are considered ‘Top Five’?

The ACC has 13 teams with four or more top-five prospects, including five ACC teams that have four or five in the Top 25: Duke, Louisville, Florida, Clemson and Virginia Tech.4 | The Top 25 Schools in College Football: The Top 10, 11, 12, 13.5 | How much of a role does each school have in determining the ACC’s rankings?

According to 247Sports, Virginia Tech is a major factor in the rankings, as the Hokies are No. 6 in the AP poll and the only ACC team ranked higher than #1 in the nation.6 | How Many ACC schools have three or more starters on the roster?

The ACC and Big Ten have six ACC teams with three or fewer starters on their rosters.

In other words, four of the six teams with at least three starters on each roster are ranked in the top 10.7 | How do ACC and ACC teams compare in recruiting?

The top five ACC schools rank #1 overall, while the ACC teams ranked second and third place respectively.8 | What is recruiting rankings for the Pac-11?1, 2, 3 | The 10 Highest-Rated Teams in the Pac 10: Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Oregon State, Utah State, Washington State.3, 4, 5 | The 25 Highest-Ranked Pac-9 Teams: UCLA, Arizona State, USC, Washington and Utah.6, 7, 8 | The 15 Highest-rated Pac-8 Teams: USC, Arizona, Washington (and Washington State).7, 8, 9 | The 5 Highest-Paid Pac-7 Teams: Arizona State and Washington.9 | The 50 Highest-Rankings for the Conference: Oregon State (No. 3), Oregon, Arizona (No 3), Washington (No 4), Utah (No 6), Washington State ( No 7), Arizona ( No 8).10 | How does recruiting rankings affect recruiting rankings?