How to rank Florida’s top recruiting targets

The Gators have a few spots open this year, and while they’re all recruiting in different parts of the country, Florida has been the first to announce a handful of prospects it believes are the best.

But that’s not all, according to, which has the Florida team ranking the top recruiting classes for each of the past three years.

In 2016, the Gators ranked first in recruiting, followed by 2017.

This year, the team is ranked second in recruiting and the 2017 class is a year ahead of where it was last year.

The Gators have been a top recruiting force in recent years, and it’s hard to think of another program that could boast a class as good.

Florida is a big reason why 247Sports ranks the Gators as the nation’s No. 1 class in its 2017 class rankings, with a total of 11 recruits on the team.

The Gators are recruiting at the top of its game, and the fact that the team’s class ranks No. 4 nationally should be no surprise.

Florida’s recruiting class is comprised of nine players in the class of 2019, according the 247Sports Composite.

This means that the Gators have four in the top 10 of the class, with four of those coming from Florida.

It’s a very strong class that has already made an impact in recruiting the state.

Florida has recruited in South Florida and in Tampa, but it’s also been recruiting in the state of Georgia, where it has three players in this class.

Georgia has also been a hotbed for Florida, with the Bulldogs currently ranked No. 5 in the nation in recruiting.

It was the Bulldogs that led the nation with seven top-10 recruits in 2016, and they will be the top team in the SEC East in 2019.

It’s no secret that the SEC West is stacked with talented players, and Florida will be looking to add to that list in the coming years.

The top five recruiting classes in the conference have all been Florida commits in the past two years, with five of them being Gators.

The Bulldogs are currently No. 2 in the country in recruiting with 11 commitments, and their top five recruit is likely going to be a commit from Florida, although the team could look to add a handful more in the future.

There’s also some potential to see some top-tier recruits from other programs make the leap to Florida.

Florida’s 2018 class was one of the top classes in program history, and that’s the type of recruiting success the Gators are looking to replicate in 2019, as well.

There’s only one player in the 2019 class that didn’t commit to Florida during the recruiting process, and he’ll be the No. 3 recruit in the 2018 class.

The 2019 class also includes four former Florida players, with quarterback Josh Robinson coming in as a three-star prospect.

Robinson will be a huge piece of the Gators offense, and if he’s still around by the time Florida’s class opens, he could become one of its top receivers in 2019 and 2020.

It’ll be exciting to see what the Gators can bring to the table in 2019 as well, with Robinson leading the way for a defense that will be one of college football’s best.

Florida will look to continue to add talent to its class, and its already making a splash in recruiting as well as on the recruiting trail.