How do 247’s Top 247 Rankings Work?

247Sports’ Top247 rankings are based on how well each school is recruiting each player and are based in part on how many national rankings each school has achieved.

The ranking is based on all the players rated by 247Sports in the last 30 days.

The rankings are determined by how much each school was ranked by Rivals in its most recent composite rankings, and are therefore based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the quality of the recruiting, the number of commits, the overall quality of a school’s staff, the ability of the schools recruiting, and the average ranking of each school’s players in the composite rankings.

The rankings are updated on a regular basis and are updated based on national signing day.

Players are rated based on 247Sports recruiting rankings in two ways: on the recruiting rankings and on how much the school has accomplished in the past year.

The recruiting rankings measure how well schools are recruiting players.

They include rankings from Rivals and Scout, and their ratings reflect the schools average ranking in each recruiting service.

The top 100 recruits for each school are then ranked from best to worst.

The rankings are then combined into the top 25 prospects.

For example, if a school was rated #1 in recruiting in 2019 but ranked #24 in 2020, its prospect list would be ranked #25, based on the 2019 rankings, based of how well the school is currently recruiting.

This means the school would be in the #25 spot.

However, the top 100 prospects would be at a different position in the recruiting list than they are now.

So instead of #1, they would be listed as #4 in the 2019 prospects list.

If a school had a ranked #1 prospect in 2019, but dropped to #9 in 2020 or #10 in 2021, the prospects list would now be #9, with the top prospects in the rankings still listed at #1.

So what does this all mean for Oklahoma Sooners prospects?

This is a good time to note that the 247Sports composite rankings are not 100% complete, and we will continue to update them as we get closer to signing day, but the first two of these top prospects are Oklahoma Sooner prospects.

These are the players that 247Sports has rated as top-100 prospects based on their potential to make an impact on a college football team, whether that is on the gridiron or in the NFL.