How to get 247’s Top247 prospect in Alabama

247 Sports is the leading recruiting website in the country and it has made a splash on college football recruiting in the past few years.

The site’s latest offering for the 2016 class is the Alabama defensive end. has been on the scene for some time and has a history of producing elite recruiting classes for Alabama.

The 247sports composite ranking has the Crimson Tide at No. 1 for the past two years, the first time they’ve been there since 2008.

In his first three recruiting classes, Alabama has produced five national-title-caliber players and six first-round picks.

This year, the Crimson State has the best class in program history, and it will likely end up being the best of the recruiting class.

The Crimson Tide have a lot of talent, but it doesn’t matter if the Crimson Aces are in the top five nationally.

This class has a ton of talent.

The defensive line, outside linebacker, offensive line and tight ends are all starters, and the depth on the defensive line and offensive line is just as impressive.

This will be the most stacked Alabama defensive line in a long time.

The Crimson Tide are going to have a huge edge on the board.

The offensive line, defensive line (including a few linemen) and tight end group is all top-five.

All of the defensive linemen are rated as three-stars or better.

The Tide have five offensive linemen ranked in the 247Sports Composite.

It makes sense for the Tide to have the most dominant group of players in the class, especially since the Crimson Ciders already have two top-10 players.

This defense is going to be dominant on both sides of the ball.

The Alabama secondary is going, too.

The secondary has the potential to be one of the best units in the nation.

The defensive line is going be the best recruiting class of the 2016 recruiting cycle.

Alabama’s secondary has a lot to be excited about.

The four-star defensive end is the top player in the state, and he’s going to help the Tide in the recruiting process.

The five-star cornerback is rated as the top corner in the Alabama class.

All four of the Alabama corners are rated in the composite.

If there’s one corner in this class that should be excited, it’s the five-stars cornerback.

This class is loaded with talent.

It has five top-30 players on the field, including four of Alabama’s top five defensive ends.

The two linebackers in this group are all in the first round, and both are rated four stars or better on Scout.

The cornerback in this pack is ranked in both and, so he should have a chance to break out at the next level.

The three linebackers in the group are rated five stars or higher on Scout, but they’ve never been ranked higher than No. 23 on Scout or No. 8 on Rivals.

The inside linebacker group is the most exciting group in the entire class.

This is going down as one of, if not the most impressive group in college football.

All three of the inside linebackers are rated three stars or more on Scout and Scout has the three-star outside linebacker at No 1.

The one-star linebacker in the line-up is the best player in this package.

The running back group is going up in class.

There’s not a lot in this unit, but the running back has been a star in his career.

The front-seven, five-wide receiver group is a good group.

The tailback and tight-end group is also very talented, with the tight end ranking as the highest of the three groups.

The fullback is ranked at No 2.

The running back in this draft class is going in the right direction.

This group has a great mix of players that are going into the draft.

It’s going up against some of the elite offensive linemen in the program.

The center in this recruiting class is a star.

The safety is going into this class.

I think this is going a little bit of a different group than other safety classes, but I think it has to be rated at four stars on Scout because the safety class in this year’s class is ranked as the No. 10 best in the SEC.

The safety in this four-man group is rated in both the Scout and Rivals, so I’m not surprised.

The other safety in the back-end is a standout, too, with one of them ranked at the top of the list.

The third safety in our group is in the middle of the pack, but that’s because the four-stars safety has a strong case for being the No 1 safety in college.

The offensive line class has some intriguing players in it.

The right tackle in this area is rated at three stars, and two of the tackles in this range are rated above four stars.

The left tackle is rated a four star, and that’s the second-highest of the group.

This tackle is the third-highest rated player in