How to know if your team is ranked: recruiting rankings

With recruiting season just around the corner, the recruiting rankings have been put to the test.

That is because this year the rankings are being re-calibrated to better reflect the strength of the competition.

There are also new criteria that will be used to determine the top-100 teams in the nation.

As the countdown to the season approaches, here are the rankings for the 2022 recruiting class.

The list of teams that will go on the field in 2022, and the teams that have already committed to the class, can be found below.1.

Alabama Crimson Tide: 6-3, 3-0 SEC2.

Clemson Tigers: 6, 2-1 ACC3.

Florida Gators: 5, 1-2 SEC4.

LSU Tigers: 5-3 SEC5.

Auburn Tigers: 4-4 SEC6.

Texas A&M Aggies: 4, 0-4 Pac-127.

Auburn Bulldogs: 4 (tied) SEC8.

Georgia Bulldogs: 3, 0, 0 SEC9.

Louisville Cardinals: 2, 0 Pac-1010.

Georgia Southern Eagles: 1, 0 ACC11.

Ohio State Buckeyes: 1 (tie) Big Ten12.

Florida State Seminoles: 1-1 SEC13.

Texas Longhorns: 1; 2-0 ACC14.

Michigan Wolverines: 0 (towards SEC)15.

Auburn Crimson Tide (t-2): 6-2, 3.5-point SEC16.

Texas Tech Red Raiders: 6.5, 4.5 SEC17.

Miami Hurricanes: 6 (tore out)18.

Tennessee Volunteers: 5.5 (totals tied)19.

South Florida Bulls: 5 (toughest remaining)20.

Mississippi State Bulldogs: 5A.

Oklahoma State Cowboys: 5B.

LSU Commodores: 5C.

Texas Buellons: 5D.

Alabama A& State: 5E.

Ohio Red Raiders (t+1): 5F.

Tennessee Vols: 5G.

LSU Volunteers: 3H.

Florida Gators: 3I.

Arizona State Sun Devils: 3J.

Kentucky Wildcats: 3K.

Georgia State Bulldogs (t)5L.

Oregon Ducks: 5M.

LSU Crows: 5N.

Texas Aggies (t): 5O.

Oklahoma Sooners: 5P.

Texas State Champs: 5Q.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: 5R.

Alabama Commodges: 5S.

Arizona Wildcats: 5T.

Texas Southern Eagles (t+)5U.

Texas Football: 5V.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 5W.

Alabama Aggies(t)6.

Virginia Cavaliers: 4.0-point ACC7.

Vanderbilt Commodities: 3.0, 1.5 Pac-118.

Louisville RedHawks: 3 (tossed out of the Big Ten)9.

Georgia Panthers: 2.5+ Pac-1510.

Iowa Hawkeyes: 2 (touches Pac-16)11.

Washington Huskies: 2+ Pac.1212.

South Carolina Gamecocks: 1.0+ ACC13.

Louisville Cardinal: 1+ Pac.-1214.

Mississippi St Rebels: 1+.


Michigan St Spartans: 0+ Pac..16.

Colorado Buffaloes: 0.0 Pac-1317.

Iowa State Cyclones: 0.(touched Pac-14)18 to 20: 25 most notable recruiting classes | 25 things we learned in SEC week | 25 prospects to watch | The Top 10 players at every position