How to read a sign for a potential future player

This is a list of the top 10 recruiting prospects in the country and the top 5 recruiting prospects nationally.

It also includes the top five prospects in each of the five major conferences.

The top 25 prospects from each conference will be ranked and then the top 100 prospects from the five conferences will be determined by the Associated Press Top 25 list.

Here’s how to read the rankings.


Oregon: No. 1 Oregon has the best recruiting class in the Pac-12, but it doesn’t have the best coaches.

If Oregon had a head coach in the first year of his new job, the Ducks would have the No. 2 recruiting class and the No-2 recruiting class nationally.

But that’s not the case.

With a new head coach, Oregon will have a recruiting class that will be better than its No. 10 ranking.

Oregon is the only Pac-10 team that will have two top-10 recruiting classes.


LSU: LSU is No. 3 on the AP’s list, but its No, 1 recruiting class was only 10 commits behind the Ducks in 2018.

That class also finished the season ranked second in the SEC.

That should give LSU a chance to have its first top-15 recruiting class since 2004.


Florida State: Florida State is No 1 on the ACC’s list and its No-1 recruiting class will be the best in the ACC.

The Seminoles have two of the best classes in the conference this year.


Oklahoma State: Oklahoma State is the No 2 recruiting team nationally, but the Sooners still have the highest percentage of top-25 players at the position.

Oklahoma will be one of the first schools to get a top-50 class in 2019.


Texas: The Longhorns are No. 5 on the list and their No. 4 recruiting class is a national title contender.

Texas is still the best recruiter in the Big 12 and the only team in the league to have a top 20 class in each year since 2006.


Texas Tech: The Horns are No 6 on the NCAA’s list with their No-8 class.

The program has a strong recruiting base that will help its recruiting profile go up. 7.

Florida: The Gators are No 7 on the USA Today/ESPN Top 25 recruiting rankings and they’re also No. 6 on ESPN’s Top 100 list.

The Gators will have one of college basketball’s best classes this year, but they won’t be the No 1 class on the Big Dance.


Michigan State: The Spartans are No 8 on the ESPN/USA Today Top 25 and they will have three top-30 recruiting classes in 2019, the most in the nation.


Duke: The Blue Devils will have the nation’s No. 9 class in 2020.

The Blue Devil is No 10 in the AP Top 25.


Baylor: The Bears will be No. 12 in the USA TODAY/ESPN rankings, but their No 13 recruiting class should have a good shot at ranking higher than its second-best class of the season in 2019-20.