Medical recruiter to ‘beyond satisfied’ with ‘The Bachelor’ return

After months of speculation, the Bachelor franchise has officially returned to television, with season nine premiering Sunday.

Season nine has already been confirmed for a February 15, 2019 premiere date, but season nine is not without controversy, and some fans believe it is the first season without a real Bachelor-like contestant.

In order to determine the true winners of this year’s season, we sat down with one of the most anticipated castaways of all time, Dr. Ashley Johnson, to learn more about her thoughts on the future of the franchise and what her experiences with the show have taught her about herself.

Dr. Ashley says the season is “definitely one of my favorite seasons of Bachelor in Paradise ever.”

It has been so exciting to be back on television again, and to be able to be part of a franchise where people are excited to be a part of.

The show has always been very respectful of the process and everyone has really been really nice and kind to me.

I’m really grateful for the opportunity.

I feel like the show has taken my character to another level.

I think it has really elevated my personality.

I’ve never been a very confident person, and I’ve always struggled with confidence.

But I’ve come to terms with it now.

I have so much confidence in myself.

When I’m out there, I know I’m ready to go, I’ve got so much to offer.

I love it.

I love having a group of people to work with, to share my experiences with.

It’s a group that I can be in a group with.

I feel like I’m getting to know each person in the group, and that’s so helpful.

I would definitely say that I am a lot more comfortable and more comfortable when I’m around a group.

Dr, Johnson says she’s “super excited” about the show.

I am excited to have been part of it and I’m so excited to see the fans.

It’s really been amazing to be involved in the show, to work so closely with so many different people, and have so many amazing things happen for us.

I mean, I love that I get to work alongside people that are so supportive and kind, and for that I’m very grateful.

I really look forward to it.