Recruiter salaries: Clemson’s recruits are getting paid up

With the school’s recruitment calendar now in full swing, we look at what the average recruit salary is at every position.

The first thing to note is that recruit salaries are up from last year.

Clemson has made a big push to recruit and keep the most talented players on campus.

Last year, recruiting accounted for more than half of the overall budget, but this year, the average recruiting pay is $8,400 per position.

Clemson’s top recruits are also the ones who make the biggest money.

We can’t discount the financial impact of players like quarterback Deshaun Watson, linebacker Luke Capernaum and wide receiver Deon Cain.

All of these players are top-tier prospects in the class of 2018, but the majority of recruits will still be making less than $1 million a year.

The other significant salary bump is at the defensive line, where defensive lineman Tre’ Jackson, defensive tackle Alex Cox and linebacker Zach Moore each earned $3.8 million last year and $4 million in 2018.

A lot of the money is coming from the most-coveted recruits, but some are coming from recruits who didn’t make much money in the past.

Clemson was the only school that received less than five percent of its recruits from the 247Sports Composite rankings last year, but only four of the top 10 schools received fewer recruits from those rankings.

The biggest decrease was in the cornerback position, where Clemson received only three recruits from 247Sports.

Clemson now has more than 50 percent of the nation’s 247Sports recruits, and those recruits are making an average of $9,800 per position, according to the 247 Sports Composite rankings.

Clemson also has some major turnover at quarterback.

In 2018, Clemson signed three quarterbacks, but they all had disappointing college careers.

The most recent recruit to leave the program was former quarterback Jordan Bryant, who signed with Florida State but ended up transferring.

The offensive line has also been a major concern.

Offensive tackle Chris Wormley was one of the most highly rated recruits in the country, but he signed with Washington State and was cut after a disappointing 2017 campaign.

Auburn’s Gus Malzahn is the new offensive coordinator and has a lot of options to develop young talent.

He has been very successful with the recruiting of Clemson’s 2018 class, but Clemson is still in need of a few more quarterback prospects.

Another position that will be heavily affected by recruiting is tight end.

Clemson had seven tight ends in 2018, and only three of those players earned over $1.5 million in the final year of their deals.

The two biggest reasons for that is due to the lack of experience at the position.

Auburn signed six tight ends and two tight ends earned more than $4.5 Million in their final year on the market, while four tight ends with $4 Million in the first two years earned over the average annual salaries of $2.6 Million per position on the recruiting circuit.

That’s the second biggest difference between 2018 and 2017, with only five of the 20 most-used tight ends earning more than the average salaries of their position.

Overall, the Clemson offense is still one of our favorites to win the national championship.

With a recruiting class that features a top-notch quarterback and some of the country’s best wide receivers, Clemson is the clear favorite to win its second national championship in as many seasons.