U.S. Navy recruit’s father, uncle dies in helicopter crash

SAN JOSE, Calif.

— A Navy recruit whose father, an Army veteran and uncle had died in a helicopter crash in the desert have been identified.

The recruit’s uncle, a Navy reservist who died of cancer in March, was also killed in the crash.

His father was a Navy veteran, a member of the Navy Reserves and had served in Iraq, according to the family.

A U.N. official said the recruitment was “of a very high quality,” adding that the recruit was “very well-liked by his unit and his peers.”

The recruit is in the Navy Reserve, the Navy said.

He is part of a small cadre of recruiters, most of them from the U.K., who travel around the world recruiting new recruits, the Army said.

The recruit was deployed in the Middle East in support of the U,S.-led coalition fighting Islamic State militants and had completed two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The family said in a statement Tuesday that they had hoped to reunite with the recruit but the Navy had been unwilling to let go of him.

“The Navy has not offered him any form of compensation, including an apology,” the family said.