When is the next Army recruiting spot open?

It’s not a new question.

The Army has been recruiting for some time.

The recruiting office has been open for months.

But now that it has opened for recruitment for the first time in two years, it is being hailed as the Army’s first recruiting spot to open in two decades.

“I’m excited,” Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley said.

“It’s an amazing opportunity for the Army and a huge opportunity for our recruiting efforts.”

Army officials said the Army will have a recruiter in the Army Recruiting Command (ARC) for the recruiting site for recruiting staff.

This recruiting office will be open to recruiters from all services, and the recruiter will work in the ARC headquarters building on the base.

The recruiting office on the Fort Knox campus will also open as a recruiting station, Army officials said.

Army officials expect to recruit more than 1,000 people at the recruiting office this summer.

They expect the recruiting station to open this summer, and then expand to accommodate new recruiters as needed.

“The recruitment office on Fort Knox is a fantastic addition to our recruiting effort,” said Brig. Gen. Joe Ebert, the Army chief of staff.

“We will be able to bring more personnel and experience to our Army recruiting efforts to meet our recruiting goals and achieve the goals of our soldiers and our nation.”

The recruiting site on Fort Lee is also expected to open to recruits this summer and expand to meet the demand for recruiting talent.

“We’re excited to have the Fort Lee recruiting site open,” said Lt.

Col. Paul A. Dank, the commander of the Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, recruiting center.

“This facility will be an excellent recruiting platform for Army recruiters and we look forward to working with the Army to grow our recruiting operation in the coming years.”