Why is Tarheel pulling out of IA recruiting?

The University of Iowa is pulling out from recruiting recruits from the state.

The move comes as the University of Texas and Southern Methodist University are also withdrawing from the IA.

Iowa State University is also reportedly pulling out.

The University System of Iowa announced that it would no longer take applications from the University and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The announcement was made Monday by CEO David Leavitt.

The IA is in the process of evaluating how to attract the next generation of Iowa students and staff, Leavitz said.

 “The University of the South will remain a member of the IA and its recruiting efforts in the state,” Leavitsaid in a statement.

Iowas top official, David Leveille, said the university would not be pulling out any more of its students, staff, or faculty from the Hawkeye State.

The governor’s office also announced the University System would not pull out any students, but would be recruiting students to the state to fill a vacancy on its Board of Regents.

The university system’s board of regents announced Monday that it was pulling out its students and faculty from Iowa, which is the third-largest state in the union after Ohio and Kansas.

The Iowa Board of Governors said it would begin recruiting students in 2019.

Iowa has long been a recruiting destination for the nation’s elite universities.

It ranks No. 1 in the nation for the number of international students in 2020.

The top five U.S. colleges and universities that offer an undergraduate degree in the humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences are all in Iowa.