Army recruiting office to hire new staff as football recruiting office expands

WASHINGTON — The Army recruiting service will add a new staff member to staff the office that handles football recruiting to help it deal with the influx of recruits it has received since President Trump signed an executive order last month that allows the service to recruit people without being required to get permission from the Army.

Army recruiting officials said Wednesday that they have begun hiring a recruiting coordinator for recruiting on the new position.

Army officials did not say when the new employee will be hired.

The position will be responsible for coordinating recruiting efforts with the Army Office of Public Affairs, which handles appeals for waivers and other benefits from the military.

In the past, Army recruiting staff members have worked closely with the military’s general counsel to review applications for waivers or other benefits.

The new recruiting coordinator will work closely with Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley, who has been tasked with determining whether any waivers or benefits are warranted and whether they are available.

He has also been tasked to work closely in the Office of Military Justice and Military Legal Affairs to ensure that waivers and benefits are available to eligible veterans who qualify under a policy allowing the military to recruit from anyone who can afford it.

The announcement came on the heels of a report in The Wall St. Journal that the Army was recruiting more people in the military than it had in decades, and that the number of new hires in the recruiting office was more than the number who applied for waivers in the past.

Army recruiting officials have said that the new recruiting staff member will help in the process of vetting the Army’s applications.