Memphis basketball recruiting: Top ten players for Tennessee basketball

The 10 best basketball recruits in the state of Tennessee have been announced by the state athletic department.

The 10 best players are listed below, and the first 10 are from Memphis, the first ten are from Tennessee.

The first ten players are ranked #1 to #10.

Memphis was first in the country in recruiting in 2017 and 2018 and currently has six players on its roster: Jarnell Stokes (10), Austin Moore (10) and Marques Johnson (10).

It’s been a very successful season for the Bulldogs, as they won the SEC Championship game in each of the last three years.

The top recruits in Memphis were Jarnill Stokes, Austin Moore, Marques Jones and Austin T.

Jones, according to the 247Sports Composite.

The other top players in the city of Memphis were Austin Moore and Jarnain Jones, who have both signed with Memphis.

The next ten players on the Memphis list were: J.D. Williams (10th), Demarcus Brown (9th), J.K. Simmons (9rd), Trevon Diggs (9, 8th), Trey Taylor (7th), James Harris (7, 6th), Darius Harris (6th), T.J. Clark (5th), Deonte Burton (5, 4th), Brandon Brown (4th), Malik Davis (3rd) and Dezmon Walker (3, 2nd).

The next 10 players in Tennessee are: T.A. Jones (7), Trevone Boykin (6), Tarek Williams (5), Trey Turner (4), Dezmond Walker (4, 3rd), DeShawn Stevenson (3), Jarnel Stokes and DeAndre Liggins (2).

Tennessee’s next class will be ranked on Nov. 4.