Recruiting firm sues Utah for recruiting job

A recruiting firm representing the Utah State University football recruiting team has sued the university, alleging it violated the state’s recruiting laws by failing to disclose the position openings available in its campus recruitment office.

The suit, filed Thursday in Utah District Court, accuses Utah of failing to provide information to prospective recruits about openings in its recruitment office in Salt Lake City, a violation of the Utah Recruiter Disclosure Act.

The lawsuit claims that Utah violated the Act when it made it clear that “all current students are invited to participate in the Utah football recruiting process.”

According to the lawsuit, “all prospective recruits and their families are informed of the position opportunities available to them on the recruiting office, including the name, phone number, email address, email subject line and any other relevant information” during the recruitment process.

The school, however, did not inform prospective recruits that their position was available to other applicants in the same geographic area, the lawsuit claims.

“The Utah State university is aware of the recruiting industry and has committed to maintaining and improving the quality of the recruitment processes for all potential recruits,” the school said in a statement Thursday.

“The University of Utah is committed to educating prospective students about recruiting opportunities in order to encourage a healthy and productive recruiting environment.”

The lawsuit alleges that Utah failed to make public information about openings at the recruitment office during the recruiting process.

The suit seeks a permanent injunction against the university.

In a statement, Utah said it has “received numerous complaints” about the recruiting practices of the school, which are part of a comprehensive effort to recruit talent, including on the Utah campus.

“We will continue to work with all involved in ensuring compliance with all laws and regulations, including our Recruitment Disclosure Act,” the statement read.

The NCAA and the Utah Board of Regents have previously denied the school’s allegations of recruiting violations.

The university’s recruiting office is located in Salt Valley, a suburb of Salt Lake.

The university says the recruitment department has no affiliation with the university and that it has no ties to the Utah coaching staff.