What we learned from the last three days of free agency and the 2017 recruiting cycle

I thought it was about time that I finally started to get around to writing about recruiting and free agency.

There are some big events coming up, and the first of which is this weekend’s NCAA tournament, and I really wanted to make sure I was doing everything I could to make it as easy as possible to keep track of all the new stuff coming out.

I’ve done some pretty good work on recruiting over the years and have done a lot of research into the history of the game, and so I wanted to be able to offer up a little bit of insight and some analysis into how recruiting works.

So, here’s what I know so far: The first three days will see all three of the top five classes in the history go in for the big day.

Florida, Florida State and Kentucky are all expected to announce their respective signing bonuses at the ACC Tournament, while Duke, North Carolina and Syracuse will be getting theirs at the NCAA Tournament.

That means that we will get some good news from these programs before they actually commit, as the first three classes are all projected to go in and commit in just a few days.

That should mean that all the excitement around these classes will begin to die down a little while longer.

The next three days, meanwhile, will see the other three classes (Florida, North Texas and Miami) make their official announcements, with North Texas (a 6-0 team) and Miami (6-0) expected to do the same, along with Florida and Kentucky.

Duke is the one class that really should surprise, as they will be expected to make their announcements this afternoon.

So far, though, the biggest news out of the recruiting world is likely to come from Texas, who is expected to sign a couple of players to their 2017 class.

I think that means that while we might see some good recruiting from Texas over the next couple of days, we are still in the midst of a very deep class of 2017 prospects.

The other big event is the NBA Draft, which is likely going to be held on Wednesday in Indianapolis, Indiana.

If that doesn’t happen, then we will likely be seeing the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft on Friday.

That will likely put a damper on any hype surrounding these classes, and should lead to more information about what the best and brightest are coming up in 2018.

And of course, that means there will be plenty of new recruiting information as well.

In terms of this year’s recruiting cycle, it’s looking pretty good, with the biggest new signings coming out of Florida, Duke, Florida and Miami, along the back end of the class from Florida State.

I expect that all three classes will be announcing their respective bonuses at some point, which should be fairly quick and easy for those in the know to find out about, as I’ve seen no shortage of free agent signings since signing day.

We will see a lot more of the same from the ACC and NCAA Tournament, with a couple other big events (Ohio State and Virginia) on the way. 

With that, here is my list of the best classes of 2017 so far, ranked by my personal rankings of each player.


Duke: The Blue Devils have made some big moves, adding former Florida guard Tyus Battle to their frontcourt.

The 5-9 Battle averaged 17.5 points per game for Florida State last season, but it’s hard to know how many of those points he will see coming off the bench next season.

In a class that features four 6-foot-8 players, Duke has a lot to offer, and if Battle can take some of those rebounds and assists from the wing, that should make him a very interesting player to watch come draft time.

The Blue Devil’s offense will be an intriguing one, especially with Duke’s ability to spread the floor and play fast with their perimeter players, as well as their ability to score from all over the floor. 


Florida: The Gators have had some big recruiting classes in recent years, with several of the most recent classes coming from Florida.

That said, they have also had a lot less success recruiting outside of the ACC, and it seems like the program has taken a turn toward recruiting from the West Coast.

That trend is expected with the departures of three of their top four scorers, as Chris Walker and Brandon Ingram left the program for greener pastures. 


Florida State: While Florida is not going to make the jump from being a recruiting powerhouse to being one of the biggest in the country, the Seminoles should still be considered one of those schools that could make a move up this year.

That’s because they have the most high-profile class in recent history, with top-ranked forward Malik Jefferson being the biggest addition to the class.

Jefferson, a 6-7 forward who was ranked as high as No. 12 in the 247Sports Composite, is a power forward who averaged 18.3 points per