When will FBI agents arrest Duke basketball player who ‘lied to investigators’

Duke basketball recruit Malik Monk said he was told by the FBI that the FBI had asked him to lie about his ties to the Islamic State.

But the 19-year-old said the FBI asked him multiple times not to tell anyone about his relationship with an FBI informant, and to keep his identity secret.

The FBI has denied making such a request, and the 19th-ranked Blue Devils have denied any wrongdoing.

The US government is probing the recruitment of Mr Monk by the extremist group the Islamic States of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), which has seized swathes of territory in Syria and Iraq.

The revelations have reignited a debate over whether the FBI’s use of informants was lawful, given the threat posed by Isis, and whether it had a role in a recruiting scandal that saw a 19-month-old boy die.

“The FBI lied to me multiple times and told me not to report my relationship with this FBI informant,” Mr Monk told The Australian Financial Review.

“They lied to my parents, they lied to the other family members.

They lied to every person that I’ve talked to.”

Mr Monk said the relationship between the FBI and his family was not a secret and they were not concerned about being linked to the group.

“There was nothing hidden,” he said.

“I was told to keep my name and I was told I was not to mention my relationship to an FBI agent.”

That’s all I was informed about that.

“Mr Justice Simon was asked by the ABC if the FBI would be investigating Mr Monk’s recruitment activities and whether the bureau had ever made such a call.”

It’s something that is under investigation,” he replied.”

We don’t comment on individual investigations.

“Mr Monk said he had not heard from the FBI since the investigation began in January and would not talk about the case.”

But the FBI is always looking for information,” he told the ABC.”

Any information they might have that may be useful, that’s always helpful.

“The FBI said it was unable to comment because the matter was still under investigation.

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