Which coaches will have their jobs changed to NFL recruits?

It’s a controversial topic, one that’s been hotly debated at least since former Nebraska coach Mike Riley resigned in July amid reports he had been asked to recruit for the NFL.

It was one of several instances of Nebraska players’ alleged sexual abuse of players in a culture of secrecy and indifference to the allegations.

Now, a report by the Nebraska Football recruiting site, Nebraska Football Recruiting, shows the school is planning to change its recruiting strategy to attract NFL talent.

The report, which is based on interviews with current and former Nebraska players, is the first in a long-term project by Nebraska to try to improve its recruitment, recruiting and academic policies.

The Nebraska football program has been embroiled in controversy in recent years with players allegedly raping a student during the 2011 football season.

In March, the NCAA levied a $2 million fine against the school after it was revealed that the football program failed to adequately investigate allegations of sexual abuse.