How to get a job in a U.S. military recruitment center

A recruiter’s advice on how to get hired in the military recruiting centers in the U.K. and the U-S.A. will guide the next wave of recruits.

The new rules come as a surge in recruits in the two countries’ militaries has created huge demand for the two services, which have long struggled to match recruits with jobs.

The recruitment center industry, which is dominated by Britain and Canada, is now more than $200 billion, according to recruitment company Towers Watson, with the U.-S.

the biggest spenders.

The Pentagon plans to spend about $8.4 billion on recruiting this year, including $1.6 billion on new programs in the Middle East and Europe.

That money will be used to hire new recruits and to recruit overseas, the Pentagon said in a statement.

The U.N. has been calling for an end to the U,S.

recruitment system since its inception in 2005, saying it is “unacceptable for recruiters to discriminate against potential recruits by refusing to recruit with them based on race, ethnicity, gender or other categories.”