How to Get the 247 Composite: The Complete Guide to the Top 50 ESPN 300 Players

On Tuesday, ESPN released its rankings for the 2017 class of college basketball players.

ESPN’s recruiting rankings are the best in the country, and the 247 recruiting rankings, which ESPN used to determine who went to the best colleges, are the most accurate.

But the rankings have some problems: They’re incomplete and inaccurate, and they don’t factor in the quality of the recruiting class.

That’s because they don�t take into account the quality and depth of the teams recruiting the players.

In order to be the best at recruiting, you need to have the best recruiting class, according to the 247 recruitment rankings.

The first thing you need is the best class.

Here’s how to do that.

You need to recruit a class of at least 50 players.

This means that if you recruit 25 players, you can’t expect to get all the players you need.

That�s the problem with recruiting the best.

The best recruiting classes tend to recruit the best players, according ESPN.

The ESPN recruiting rankings don�s take into consideration the quality (and depth) of the school recruiting the recruits.

You can get more players if you are recruiting the most.

The 247 recruiting list has some of the best classes in college basketball, according the 247 Recruiting Rankings, but the best-ranked schools also have some of their best players at each position.

Here are the top 100 recruiting classes in each class.

ESPN, 247 Recuiting Rankings 247 Recruit’s Top 100 Recruited Classes: 2017-2018 Class #1 Texas A&M 5,723,000 247 Rec Recruit�s Top 100 Most Recruitable Recruits: 2017 The 247 Recruits list has the best of the rest, as Texas A &M has the second-best recruiting class in the nation behind the Longhorns.

The Aggies have a great crop of top-five prospects in a recruiting class that also includes a top-three class.

The Longhorns also have two top-10 recruits in Deondre Francois and Johnathan Motley.

The 2016-2017 recruiting class has the most talent of any class in 2017.

Texas A is loaded with talent at multiple positions, but it also has some holes in the frontcourt.

In addition to the three top-15 recruits on the 247 recruits list, Texas has seven players on the roster with no experience.

This could cause the Longhorn offense to struggle when the defense isn�t fully healthy.

The offense, which is ranked third in the SEC and second nationally in offensive efficiency, needs to improve.

But if Texas can find its best talent, this is a class that could lead the SEC in scoring, scoring margin, and efficiency.

The second-ranked recruiting class is Oklahoma State, which has the top overall recruiting class of the 2019 class.

But while the Aggies had the nation�s top-ranked class last season, they finished 25th in total offense.

Oklahoma State has a solid talent roster, but is not yet a top tier program in the Pac-12.

The Sooners have two players with zero experience in the program, and this will make them vulnerable when it comes to developing the young talent.

The 3-point shooting guard from North Carolina will be a huge addition to Oklahoma State�s offense.

He was a consensus All-American in 2017, but was forced to sit out because of a torn ACL.

The sophomore is shooting 55.9 percent from the floor this season and has improved his 3-pointers from just over 12 a game last year to 19 this year.

If he can stay healthy, this could be a great class for the Sooners.

The Oklahoma State recruiting class also has a top prospect, but will be led by senior forward Jalen Jones, who is ranked as the No. 19 prospect in the 2018 class by 247 Recrec.

The 6-foot-7 guard is shooting 57.4 percent from three-point range this season.

He is averaging 14.8 points and 4.7 rebounds per game.

Jones is the biggest threat on offense for Oklahoma State.

He averaged a double-double last season with 20 points and 12 rebounds per contest.

The Badgers had two top 15 recruits in the 2017 recruiting class and had five players in the top-25.

However, the 6-10 forward averaged just 9.7 points and 2.6 rebounds per outing.

Jones may have been the most disruptive player in the class, but he may not have been enough to turn the program around in the second half of the season.

The 2018 class had two players ranked in the Top-25, one of whom was a top 50 recruit, but that player missed all of his games due to injury.

That was a problem for Oklahoma, as it finished 10-6 overall and 9-6 in the Big 12.

The 2019 class has two top 10 recruits in Jalen Johnson and Marcus Davis, both of