How to get the best possible recruiting classes at college in 2018

When it comes to the recruitment of recruits, it’s easy to miss the importance of having the right class size.

But the bigger the class size, the more valuable it is.

If you want to get as many recruits as possible in the same class, the right recruiting class size is the key to having the best recruiting class.

And with more recruits on the roster, more opportunities to win will be available to your team.

So here are five key recruiting classes to look out for in 2018: 1.

Georgia Bulldogs, Georgia 6-5, Georgia Southern, 3-8, 3rd in SEC West.

Georgia is currently tied for the SEC East lead with 12 games left.

They will be looking to build off their best record in 2017 and get back to the national championship game.

However, this team will be loaded with talent and will be hard to replace.

They have a lot of guys who will be going pro in the coming years and could have a significant impact.

The Bulldogs are in a strong position to win a lot more games this year.

The key is to build a winning team, not just the most efficient one.

The biggest issue they will face in 2018 is the SEC West division.

The Georgia Bulldogs lost two of their top four offensive linemen, a pair of top-50 receivers, two top-100 wide receivers, a top-60 tight end and a top 200 running back.

In addition, Georgia will have a slew of talented defensive players.

The team is loaded on defense and could very well be in the hunt for the top four seed.

This team is a lot better equipped to win in 2018 than it was a year ago.

But it will be a long season to win the division, so the Bulldogs will have to find a way to win games against better competition.


South Carolina Gamecocks, South Carolina 5-6, South Dakota State, 3/4, 1st in SEC South.

South Dakota is coming off of an upset victory over Alabama in the BCS title game.

After that win, the Gamecock defense was one of the best in the nation.

But that defense also has some questions at linebacker.

The Gamecogs defense allowed 6.5 yards per play in 2016 and 6.6 yards per carry in 2017.

The game against South Dakota might be the deciding factor for whether the Gamecock team makes the NCAA Tournament.

South Dakotans defense was very good, but the Game cocks defense is also one of only two teams in the country that have allowed more than 300 yards per game.

The two teams will have different approaches to play defense and will have some interesting matchups.

The South Dakotic team was one that dominated in the trenches in 2016, but it struggled to stop the run last year.

This year, the South Dakots will have more depth and will likely be able to take advantage of the game-plan advantage.

This game is an interesting matchup because it will come on the road and the GameCocks have not faced the Game Champs in three years.

However the Game Cocks defense was good enough to overcome a weak South Dakota offensive line in 2017, so it could be a fun game for both teams.


Arkansas Razorbacks, Arkansas 4-8 (SEC East), 2nd in SEC East, 3.5 games left, Arkansas 5-7 (SEC West), 3rd or 4th in SEC North.

The Razorbacks offense is ranked third in the SEC and the offense could be one of their biggest strengths this year as well.

This season, Arkansas has one of Arkansas’ best quarterbacks in Blake Barnett, who was a four-star recruit coming out of high school.

Barnett threw for 3,534 yards and 28 touchdowns and rushed for 896 yards and 22 scores last year for the Razorbacks.

He had an unbelievable year, as he threw for 1,073 yards and 26 touchdowns and added 15 rushing scores.

The offensive line was one area that had some issues for the Arkansas offense last year, but Arkansas is a much different team than it looked a year before.

The front seven will be one that can handle a lot at Arkansas this year and could make a difference.


Missouri Tigers, Missouri 5-10, Missouri State, 4.5, 1.5 or 3 games left (SEC), 3 or 4 games left SEC, 2.5 SEC East Champions.

The Tigers are not expected to be very good in 2018 and could finish in the bottom three of the SEC.

However if they can improve their offensive line, the Tigers could be an explosive offense again.

The Missouri State offensive line is one of college football’s best.

It is one that allows linemen to play fast, get into the backfield and make plays down the field.

The Tiger’s line allowed 1.3 yards per tackle last year and 1.2 last year in total.

They also allowed 7.3 total sacks last year while allowing only 2.9 total QB hurries.