How to recruit 2022 players to the University of Louisville

The University of Kentucky will begin recruiting players from 2022 this week, after more than a decade of unsuccessful recruiting efforts, according to a new report.

The report, by The Courier-Journal, says the University is the second-most-recruited team in the country.

Louisville will begin the recruitment process this weekend.

The University of Kansas was the first school to announce its commitment to Louisville in December, which was followed by Tennessee, Kentucky and LSU, and Florida, Florida State and Florida State.

In 2018, the University was the No. 1 recruiting state for the class of 2019.

The Courier-Journals’ report, which is based on data from the 247Sports Composite rankings, said the school is the nation’s sixth-best recruit, behind only Georgia, Alabama, USC and Texas A&M.

Louisiana Tech was the top-ranked school for the 2017 class, but the Bulldogs have been unable to reach a new agreement with former coach Gus Malzahn.

The school recently announced it was parting ways with Malzahns head coach.