No way for Irish to win this game in Dublin – O’Driscoll

SPORTSFILE SPORTSFILE 1/0 The Irish are in the race for another Irish League Cup title but their path to the final is littered with obstacles.

Source: Sportsfile 2/0 This week’s Top 30 players, plus the latest news, in our Top 10 list.

Source the RTE Sports app and follow the liveblog from Sunday afternoon.3/0 Here’s our Top 20 players of the season.

Source this link 4/0 For a detailed look at what’s happening with the Ireland team, click here.5/0 With just five wins in 11 games, O’Brien is being forced to turn to his backline, which is not without its flaws.

Source: Sports File 6/0 O’Connor is hoping for a breakthrough for the Irish under-20s side this week as they face the best of the rest at the Millennium Stadium.

Source/Getty Images 7/0 He has been accused of “sabotaging” his team this season.

Source/Getty 7/5 The Dubliners have won three straight league games, but they are struggling against a resurgent Irish backline.

Source 7/4 With the loss to Galway United last weekend, O,Connacht have lost seven of their last eight league games.

Source 8/0 Conor O’Shea’s strike partnership with Tommy Dunne could give the Dubliners a boost.

Source 9/0 Sean O’Connell and Conor O ‘Connor are the only players to score in the Champions Cup final for the club.

Source 10/0 Joe Schmidt will be under pressure with a squad which is down to eight, but the coach has a plan.

Source 11/0 Irish players have scored more goals than any other team in the league this season and will be hoping for more of the same.

Source 12/0 It will be the first time the Ireland internationals hat-trick against the Gaels was in a major international match, so this could be a pivotal game.

Source 13/0 There will be an international break to prepare for next week’s game against Leinster.

Source 14/0 We’ve been tracking the career of the Dublin squad for a while now.

Here are our top 10 players, along with their best performances.