What you need to know about the 2018 recruiting rankings

After more than a decade of being on the outside looking in, the SEC has finally become the top recruiting power in college football.

After having been a top recruiting destination for nearly two decades, the nation’s elite programs are now more than willing to give their top recruits the opportunity to join their program, whether it be at their high school or at a Division I college.

The latest 247Sports Composite ranking is now in and the top five are Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, and Ole Miss.

The No. 1 recruit, who is still under consideration by five schools, will be a 6-foot-8 forward who has a strong chance of being the next Alabama superstar.

The 2018 recruiting class was dominated by Alabama, as the Crimson Tide dominated the top tier of the 2018 class, according to 247Sports.

247Sports also ranked the best classes in the nation, ranking the top 10 teams in the country in five different categories.

The best recruiting class, however, didn’t feature the same caliber of talent as the class that was considered one of the best in the past decade.

The class was comprised of only three players who were in the top three in every major recruiting category, according the 247Sports composite.

Alabama had a stellar class in 2018.

The Crimson Tide was the top team in the SEC in every recruiting category and landed three of the top four players in the 2019 class.

The Tide has also been a consistent recruiting powerhouse throughout the program’s history, ranking in the bottom three in all the major recruiting categories.

In 2018, the Tide landed five players in each of the following three categories:Offensive line: Four-star linebacker Justin Davis, four-star center Mike Davis, and four-year senior left tackle Austin Coyle.

The Alabama recruiting class also included four-stars offensive lineman Deon Cain and four three-stars defensive tackle Tyquan Thomas.

Defensive line, inside linebackers, and outside linebackers: Four players in this class have been in the Top 25 in every single recruiting category.

The three defensive linemen are four-time All-SEC guard Anthony Walker, three-time Alabama defensive end De’Vante Phillips, and three-star defensive end Chris McQueen.

The two inside linebackers are three-year starter Corey Williams and three three-sport stars.

The defensive line is the only defensive unit in the program to rank in the preseason Top 25, and the only unit in its history to be ranked in every top-30 recruiting class.

In 2018, Alabama landed five three-and-D players, three of whom were in each one of those three categories.

The interior linebacker class was another strong recruiting class for Alabama.

The 6-4, 235-pound Davis, who was the No. 4 offensive tackle nationally, was the best interior linebacker in the 2018 recruit class.

This year’s class also had four three to five-star players in Davis, three four-sports stars, and two three-point guards.

The wide receiver class was one of Alabama’s best recruiting classes ever.

The five-plus recruits are the nation and national leaders in receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns, receiving touchdowns per game, and yards per game.

The four players are three foursports players, and one three-day signee.

The only defensive lineman to sign with the Tide is safety Jalen Collins, who will be the Tide’s starting safety in 2019.

The secondary, outside linebackers, cornerback, and safety classes were also all among the top in 2018, ranking first in the entire country in total defense and total yards per play, and fourth in all of the major defensive recruiting categories, according 247Sports’ Composite.

The three-man cornerback group was the third-best group in the 247Composite, ranking fifth in total interceptions, second in interceptions per game (1.22), and fourth overall in interceptions (13.9).

The three-safety cornerback group ranks second in overall interceptions (6.5) and third in total tackles per game in 2018 (2.6).

The three three sport stars are three of Alabama and Alabama-Birmingham’s best players since 2015, according ESPN’s Top 100 list.

The star recruits are:Darius Hall, cornerback (No. 3, Alabama, 247Comps Composite)Harrison Jackson, cornerback/safety (No, 12, Auburn)Darius Jefferson, safety (No., 11, Alabama)Davon Walker, safety/cornerback (No.”18, Auburn)*Trey Williams, cornerback(No. 22, Georgia)Deandre Carter, cornerback-safety ( No. 26, Clemson)Taylen Dye, cornerback–defensive end (No.-25, Alabama-Berrien County)Quincy Walker, cornerback*Tyquan Thompson, cornerback—safety (S, Alabama–Dane County)Dwayne Allen, cornerback–defensive back (No.–27,