How to calculate the best 247 recruiting rankings

The Big Ten has a reputation for recruiting like a business, with the league recruiting top talent in each of its conferences.

And while the conference’s top classes in 2019 may not look like the top of the pile in the eyes of recruits, they certainly rank among the nation’s best.

The Big Ten is currently recruiting four top players and four top-ranked recruits for its 2019 class, and the numbers are in line with other top-tier conferences.

In the 247Sports Composite rankings, which ranks the recruiting classes of all teams in the country, Wisconsin’s class ranks sixth, ahead of USC, Michigan, Nebraska and Florida State.

The Big 10 has one of the best recruiting classes in the nation, and Wisconsin is one of just three schools in the league to have a class ranked in the top 15 of the recruiting rankings.

For Wisconsin’s 2019 class and the rest of the Big Ten, the top ranking comes from the 247Composite, which has the No. 2 recruiting class and one of two top-five classes.

Wisconsin’s top two classes in 2017 were ranked No. 1 and No. 4.

In 2018, Wisconsin had two of the top five classes in program history, but the Big 10’s best class ranked sixth.

And while the Big 12 is not the top recruiting class in the Big East, it is still a great class.

The Aggies, ranked No, 1, are among the five highest-ranked programs in the conference, and they have the No, 2, and No, 4 recruiting classes, as well.

The 247Sports composite rankings do not account for transfers or other programs who have not yet made the jump from the Big Eight or SEC to the Big Twelve.

Those teams are listed below, along with the schools’ total recruiting class ranking.