New England Patriots have no shortage of young talent, but the need to fill out the roster is an issue

With new head coach Bill Belichick and a number of new acquisitions to bolster the roster, the New England Pats have plenty of holes to fill, but with no shortage.

A new head coaches search is on, but how many can the team keep under contract?

With the Patriots now at the point of needing to hire a new coach, I wanted to dig into how they are going to fill the roster.

I spoke to several former Patriots players, coaches, and executives to see what they think about the team’s options, as well as the need for the franchise to upgrade its roster heading into the offseason.

Here’s what I found out:The need for a new head coaching searchThe Patriots need a new quarterback, a new wide receiver, a few defensive linemen, and some new players on the offensive line.

They also need to get a number in free agency, which could help them in this area.

They have some other pieces in place, but they’ll need to make the necessary moves to get this done.

As for their needs, I believe the team needs a number two quarterback, who can be a franchise quarterback.

The Patriots are currently in the midst of a rebuild, and their quarterback is a major reason why.

I know this because I watched the 2016 Patriots.

This was the team that drafted and re-signed their own quarterback, Tom Brady, who was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

This is a rebuilding team, and they need to build from within.

With the current crop of quarterback prospects, the team will need to address their quarterback situation.

The Patriots will be looking for a veteran quarterback to be their starting quarterback.

New England has plenty of talent, and the team has been able to find the right players.

They may have to pay a premium to bring in someone like Drew Bledsoe, but he would be a top-notch talent.

A veteran quarterback will give them a veteran presence on the roster that can help in the short term.

They need a good veteran running back, and that’s where the Patriots will need a quarterback.

This would be where they would need to add a quarterback, but a good backup could be a great asset.

The problem with this plan is that they don’t have a number one, so if they draft a number 1, they’re going to have to make another trade.

I also believe they will be searching for a number three quarterback.

I am a big fan of Matt Cassel, and I believe he would fit in perfectly in Bill Belichick’s offense.

However, the Patriots have to do a number on their quarterback position if they want to be successful.

This means that they will need help at both positions.

The team could look to trade for a backup quarterback, or they could wait and see if the team can find a franchise QB.

If they can find the answer, they will have the best chance of landing one of their franchise players.

The team could also look to sign a veteran wide receiver to help in this spot.

While the Patriots did add a number to their receiver group, they didn’t really add anything to the group in terms of speed.

The most talented receiver on the team, Rob Gronkowski, has been a disappointment in 2017, and while he has been great this year, I don’t think he is a franchise-type player.

The New England offense is a big focus, and this team would like to add another receiver.

The hope is that if they can get someone like DeAndre Hopkins, who caught more touchdown passes than any receiver this year and caught every touchdown pass thrown to him in 2017 (including the Super Bowl), they can be an elite offense.

This could be one of Belichick’s favorite positions to play.

The biggest problem with a number-two quarterback, and in fact the biggest problem the Patriots face heading into next season, is the number-three.

The lack of a number could be detrimental to the team if they don to develop a quarterback to complement the one they already have.

This situation would create more holes to address, as the Patriots would have to fill up the roster with new players.

The addition of a quarterback would also create more needs in the front office.

The current front office is under pressure from the league to improve the roster and address the needs of the team.

While they can make the moves needed to improve, they could still be looking at the draft, free agency or trade to address the need.

The franchise needs to get better.

If the Patriots can get a quarterback who fits their system, they can do a lot of good.

They can take advantage of a player like Brady and make him a better quarterback.

They could use him as a mentor to players and develop them.

They might be able to trade their quarterback and find another that can become the team quarterback.

This article originally appeared on IGN and is republished with permission.