Tigerdroppings recruit new recruits for recruitment drive

The Tigerdroppings have hired a new recruitment manager after the organisation was forced to cut back on staff and the number of recruitment events it held in recent months due to a lack of resources.

In a statement, Tigerdroppers CEO David Daley said the organisation had been forced to “rebalance” its recruitment efforts, following an increase in demand from new recruits.

“This was a challenging time for Tigerdrops and we are grateful for the support of our new recruitment managers and team members who have taken on this new role,” Mr Daley added.

“The new roles will ensure we continue to provide a high-quality service for our loyal customers and community members, as well as attracting the best talent to our new corporate offices.”

Mr Daley also said the new recruitment team was currently recruiting new recruits in addition to staff.

“We have increased our staffing across our business as a result of our increasing demand and this will ensure that we have the resources to continue to recruit new staff,” Mr Phelan said.

The new recruits were chosen from the company’s existing team.

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to work with some of the best recruiters in the business to grow our business and get Tigerdropped to the next level,” Mr Hallett said.

Tigerdroppers had previously announced it was looking to increase its business by a further 15 per cent next year.

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